Scholarly HTML

Scholarly HTML

[4] Scholarly HTML は、 XHTMLRDFa学術論文の記述に用いようとする活動とその仕様です。

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Scholarly HTML is four things:

  1. It’s a movement: committed to bringing scholarship to the web using standard web approaches – ie HTML, and links rather than PDF. Scholarly HTML builds on the ‘Beyond the PDF‘ movement and grew out of the January 2011 meeting in San Diego.
  2. It’s a format: a ‘profile’ of HTML that sets out conventions for encoding scholarly content in a declarative way using standard approaches such as RDFa and established microformats.
  3. It’s a a set of tools: to help authors create Scholarly HTML
  4. Documentation: how-to guides for the above.

The abbreviated form of the name is ScHTML and people have started pronouncing that Scuml.

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[5] 今時 XHTML + RDFa とか言ってて大丈夫なんですかね。。。

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