SWML possible new features

SWML possible new features

[1] This is a list of possible new features that might be incorporated into a future version of SWML (and implemented in Whatpm/SuikaWiki4).


Referencing another part of the document by name.

foo bar [SOURCE].

[SOURCE] some document <http://www.example.com/>.

New block-level element for citation entries.

 - [SW09] SuikaWiki/0.9 specification <http://...>
 - [SW10] SuikaWiki/0.10 <http://...>
 - [SWML] SWML specification <http://...>

Scope element for source

  [SRCSCOPE[This feature is not supported in that implementation [SRC[SOMEDOCUMENT]].]]


Trackback-like semi-automated cross-referencing between wiki pages

Need to survey SuikaWiki3's WikiForm usage


Table headers (HTML th element)

Rowspans (HTML rowspan attribute)

Multiline tables



Breaks (HTML hr element)

Example blocks

  [EXAMPLE(html code)[

with caption/credit/description?

Dialogs (HTML dialog element)


Articles (HTML article element)

Asides (HTML asides element)

Addresses (HTML address element)

  [1] It's great!
  [FN[Foo-san]] [TIME[2008-12-12 23:44:11Z]]

(would be generated by #comment form)


Same as "[" "PRE(code)[", but no white-space: pre.


Marking (HTML mark element)


Escapes (for syntax characters such as [); in SuikaWiki2 __&&quot&&__ was converted to " but it is stupid.

RFC 2119 keywords


and as such.

Explicit closing of a block


Not part of the list
- list item
- list item
not part of the list but belongs to the same block as the first line

Multilingual texts

e.g. English text & Japanese text

Advanced diff markup

e.g. RFC 1945/RFC 2068/RFC 2616 diffs with annotations

See also paragraph


- [[page1]]
- [[page2]]

or NAV?

Rejected ideas

Roundtrip for arbitrary XML markup / DOM tree (difficult and dangerous)

Use other character than [ for tags (difficult because of backward compatibility issue)