[1] rash/grammar at master · essepuntato/rash ( 版) <https://github.com/essepuntato/rash/tree/master/grammar>

The Research Articles in Simplified HTML (RASH) format is a markup language that restricts the use of HTML elements to only 31 elements for writing academic research articles. It is possible to includes also RDFa annotations within any element of the language and other RDF statements in Turtle, JSON-LD and RDF/XML format by using the appropriate tag "script".

[2] essepuntato/rash ( 版) <https://github.com/essepuntato/rash>

[3] RASH: Research Articles in Simplified HTML -- Documentation - Version 0.4.1, November 5, 2015 ( 版) <https://rawgit.com/essepuntato/rash/master/documentation/index.html>

[4] Simplified といいながらとても単純ではない RDF を使えることを特徴としているのが笑うところなのかな。 (Simplified が係っているのは HTML だから矛盾はしてないんだけど...)

[5] The RASH Framework: enabling HTML+RDF submissions in scholarly venues () <https://rawgit.com/essepuntato/rash/master/papers/rash-demo-iswc2015.html>

[6] Research Articles in Simplified HTML: a Web-first format for HTML-based scholarly articles () <https://essepuntato.github.io/papers/rash-peerj2016.html>