RFC 457

RFC 457

 Network Working Group                                  Dave Walden
 RFC #457                                               BBN-NET
 NIC #14377                                             February 15, 1973


To any TIP users who have not been receiving updates to their TIP User's Guide or who have not been receiving copies of TIP User's Group Notes: please send me your name (along with the TIP and Host you normally use) and I'll make sure you get on a distribution list for these materials.

TIP 利用者の手引きの改訂を受け取っていない TIP 利用者や TIP 利用者の集団覚書の複製を受け取っていない TIP 利用者のみなさま: お名前を (普段お使いの TIP やホストと一緒に) 送って下さい。これらの物品の配布表にお載せします。

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