draft-usefor-article (06) 6.12. Archive

   This optional header provides an indication of the poster's intent
   regarding preservation of the article in publicly accessible long-
   term or permanent storage.
      Archive-content     = [CFWS] ("no" | "yes" ) [CFWS]
                          = Filename-token "=" value
                            ; for USENET-header-parameters see 4.1
      Filename-token      = [CFWS] "filename" [CFWS]
   The presence of an "Archive: no" header in an article indicates that
   the poster does not permit redistribution from publicly accessible
   long-term or permanent archives. The absence of this header, or an
   explicit "Archive: yes", indicates that the poster is willing for
   such redistribution to take place. The optional Filename parameter
   can then be used to suggest a filename under which the article should
   be stored. Further extensions to this standard may provide additional
   parameters for administration of the archiving process.
        NOTE: This standard does not attempt to define the length of
        "long-term", since it is dependent on many factors, including
        the retention policies of individual sites, and the customs or
        policies established for particular newsgroup or hierarchies.
        NOTE: Posters are cautioned that some sites may not implement
        the "no" option of the Archive header correctly. In some
        jurisdictions non-compliance with this header may constitute a
        breach of copyright or of other legal provisions.  Moreover,
        even if this header prevents the poster's words from being
        archived publicly, it does nothing to prevent the archiving of a
        followup in which those words are quoted.



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