[1] NewsMonster - semantic web (2004-06-05 12:49:24 +09:00 版) <>

A view-rss URI scheme for viewing channels live from the web and the ability to integrate NewsMonster in your bookmarks. This is similar to the webcal:// URI scheme defined within Mozilla Calendar.


[2] Reptile - Reptile News ( 著, 2003-02-18 14:46:55 +09:00 版) <>

Bonita Status Update (RSS in Mozilla)

Posted on Wed Aug 28 2002 02:37 PM

adds a mozilla protocol for a view-rss scheme. This can then allow the user to do view-rss: and have the bonita handle the rendering of the channel.

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[3] Hyatt Ponders RSSafari | NSLog(); ( 版) <>

Kevin A. Burton

Posted on 27 Jan 2003 at 5:54am

In an older NewsMonster attempt at an aggregator in 100% JavaScript under

Mozilla (it was called Bonita) I wrote a view-rss: protocol adapter for Mozilla.

It did exactly this. You put a URL such as


And then you could view it, subscribe to it, etc.

It could also handle the application/rss+xml media type correctly.

Expect this code to be merged into a future version of NewsMonster.

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