service: URL scheme

[1] Chapter 9. Distributed Services and Connectors <>

Sample RMI Client URL: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:2003/jmxdemo

The rmi:// part specifies that the JMX server is serving RMI. Notice that the client URL does not specify the JMXConnectorServer endpoint. The /jndi/rmi://localhost:2003/jmxdemo part specifies that the jndi key jmxdemo should be used to look up the rmi stub in an rmi registry server running at localhost:2003. Sample JMXMP Client URL: service:jmx:jmxmp://localhost:2004

No explanation is needed for this one. This is the client URL to connect up to a JMXConnectorServer endpoint at localhost:2004 using the jmxmp protocol.

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[2] RFC 2609 - Service Templates and Service: Schemes ( ( 版)) <>