redis: URL scheme

[1] ddollar/redis-url ( 版) <>


[2] ( 版) <>

Applications/protocols that use this scheme name:

This scheme is used by some Redis database client libraries to

designate the Redis database to connect to, and in some cases to set

additional connection parameters of the client library. Redis client

libraries implement the RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol) defined

in "Redis Protocol specification". This URI scheme is not part of

that specification.

[3] gleicon/engino ( 版) <>

-c connection string. redis://localhost:6379, etcd://localhost:4001, consul://localhost:8500

[4] Installing Redis - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum (Jumpstart Lab 著, 版) <>

config.cache_store = :redis_store, "redis://localhost:6379/1/ns"

[5] Using Redis — Celery 3.1.18 documentation ( 版) <>

Where the URL is in the format of:


all fields after the scheme are optional, and will default to localhost on port 6379, using database 0.

If a unix socket connection should be used, the URL needs to be in the format: