HLS (動画形式)

[19] HLS は、ストリーミング用の動画形式 (プロトコル) です。



[13] HTTPキャッシュCDN との親和性が高いとされています。


[20] HTTP下位層として使うプロトコルです。

[15] 多媒体表現 (multimedia presentation) は、 プレイリストURL によって指定されます >>14


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Read Apple HTTP Live Streaming compliant segmented stream as a uniform one. The M3U8 playlists describing the segments can be remote HTTP resources or local files, accessed using the standard file protocol. The nested protocol is declared by specifying "+proto" after the hls URI scheme name, where proto is either "file" or "http".



Using this protocol is discouraged - the hls demuxer should work just as well (if not, please report the issues) and is more complete. To use the hls demuxer instead, simply use the direct URLs to the m3u8 files.

[9] HLS から MPEG DASH へ移行が進むと言っている人もいますが、 どうなるでしょうか。

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Since many HLS streams are slightly invalid and ffmpeg/youtube-dl each handle some invalid cases better than the other, there is an option to switch the downloader if needed.