[1] Be Careful with file URLs ( 版) <>

The URLs used by the UCB, called UCB URLs (e.g., file:///a:/bcd/efg/hij.txt or Normally, FCP URLs and UCB URLs are the same, because the UCB hands file URLs directly to the FCP. But there is a special content provider, the Remote Access Content Provider (RAP), that allows to rewrite URLs before passing them on to other content providers. This is used, for example, in the Sun ONE Webtop (S1W), where there are typically two file systems: a client file system accessed via normal (FCP) file URLs (i.e., there is no rewriting RAP between the UCB and the client FCP), and a server file system accessed via (FCP) URLs where the file scheme has been replaced with (i.e., there is a rewriting RAP between the UCB and the server FCP).