[1] NFC Basics | Android Developers ( 版) <>

URI based on the URN in the type field. The URN is encoded into the NDEF type field in a shortened form: <domain_name>:<service_name>. Android maps this to a URI in the form:<domain_name>:<service_name>.

[2] NFC Basics | Android Developers ( 版) <>

Note: URNs for TNF_EXTERNAL_TYPE have a canonical format of:, however the NFC Forum RTD specification declares that the urn:nfc:ext: portion of the URN must be ommitted from the NDEF record. So all you need to provide is the domain ( in the example) and type (externalType in the example) separated by a colon. When dispatching TNF_EXTERNAL_TYPE, Android converts the URN to a URI, which is what the intent filter in the example declares.