rediss: URL scheme

[1] Python Redis ( 版) <>

redis-py is the second Redis client that natively supported SSL. Use the SSLConnection class or simply instantiate your connection pool using a rediss://-URL and the from_url method, like so:

r = redis.Redis( url='rediss://:password@hostname:port/0',






[2] redis-py/CHANGES at master · andymccurdy/redis-py ( 版) <>

* Added an SSLConnection class that allows for secure connections through

stunnel or other means. Construct and SSL connection with the sll=True

option on client classes, using the rediss:// scheme from an URL, or

by passing the SSLConnection class to a connection pool's

connection_class argument.

[3] ( 版) <>

This scheme is used by some Redis database client libraries to

designate the Redis database to connect to via RESP (REdis

Serialization Protocol) over TLS (RFC 5246), and in some cases to set

additional connection parameters of the client library. Redis client

libraries implement RESP as defined in "Redis Protocol

specification". This URI scheme is not part of that specification.

[4] Infinario/flask-redis-sentinel ( 版) <>