[1] MPlayer - The Movie Player () <>

Input from standard V4L (using line-in cable, capture switched off, V4Lv1 interface):

mplayer -radio driver=v4l radio://104.4

Playing second channel from channel list:

mplayer -radio channels=104.4=Sibir,103.9=Maximm radio://2

Passing sound over the PCI bus from the radio card's internal ADC. In this example the tuner is used as a second sound card (ALSA device hw:1,0). For saa7134-based cards either the saa7134-alsa or saa7134-oss module must be loaded.

mplayer -rawaudio rate=32000 radio://2/capture \

-radio adevice=hw=1.0:arate=32000:channels=104.4=Sibir,103.9=Maximm