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[1] [CCA-frameworks] Changing SIDL.DLL and SIDL.Loader (2003-11-01 05:48:02 +09:00 版) <>

     * Load a dynamic link library using the specified URI.  The
     * URI may be of the form "main:", "lib:", "file:", "ftp:", or
     * "http:".  A URI that starts with any other protocol string
     * is assumed to be a file name.  The "main:" URI creates a
     * library that allows access to global symbols in the running
     * program's main address space.  The "lib:X" URI converts the
     * library "X" into a platform-specific name (e.g., and
     * loads that library.  The "file:" URI opens the DLL from the
     * specified file path.  The "ftp:" and "http:" URIs copy the
     * specified library from the remote site into a local temporary
     * file and open that file.  This method returns true if the
     * DLL was loaded successfully and false otherwise.  Note that
     * the "ftp:" and "http:" protocols are valid only if the W3C
     * WWW library is available.

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