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[6] SOAP に対する WSDL に相当する REST における WADL として、一時 Java 界隈を中心に盛り上がりつつあったようです。 今では名前を聞くことすらありませんが・・・。

[8] The Neo4j REST API Documentation v3.1 () <https://neo4j.com/docs/rest-docs/current/>

WADL is not an officially supported part of the Neo4j server API because WADL is insufficiently expressive to capture the set of potential interactions a client can drive with Neo4j server. Expect the WADL description to be incomplete, and in some cases contradictory to the real API. In any cases where the WADL description disagrees with the REST API, the REST API should be considered authoritative. WADL generation may be withdrawn at any point in the Neo4j release cycle.